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How does Armory work with enterprise customers to deploy Spinnaker?

Armory helps companies evaluate Spinnaker, run a successful Proof of Concept with one application and team, and then expand Spinnaker across all teams within the organization. We do this through a combination of People, Process and Technology:

We offer a free 30 day install of Armory Spinnaker, which installs Spinnaker on-prem in your AWS account.

Armory Spinnaker is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, and includes:

- Installer Provisions open-source Spinnaker instances with the following characteristics:

  • Provision Highly Available (HA) Spinnaker infrastructure, enabling multi-availability zones, cross-region redundancy and failover protection
  • Configuration Management
  • Upgrades to latest Spinnaker versions
    • Integration-tested to work on AWS
    • Upgrade process that safely updates service without loss of data or uptime

- Monitoring: ​Ingests the default Spinnaker health metrics into popular Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions such as Datadog or New Relic

- Logging: ​Seamless integration with popular Centralized Logging solutions such as Splunk or ELK Stack

- Support: - M-F 9am-5pm via Slack, Email or Phone with one hour response time. - Next business day trouble ticket response time - Unlimited bug fixes to the open source Spinnaker project

- Included Deployment Expertise: - Assist customer to deploy Spinnaker within its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Move one customer application from concept → sandbox → production

This is the architecture of Armory Spinnaker:

Here's how Armory installs Spinnaker in High Availability

The Armory Customer Engagement process typically happens as follows:

And results in the following deliverables:

Here is how Armory runs the Customer Proof Of Concept:

Pre-kickoff meeting with key stakeholder(s)
  • Send out survey to engineering managers/team
  • Go over presentation (and give edit access) Customize demo to reflect customer deployment process
  • Evaluate areas of value for Armory Spinnaker
  • Dev tooling (efficiency; speed, happiness & productivity)
  • Cost savings (SLA, not breaking customer trust)
  • Revenue generation (Certifications enabled like FedRamp, ISO, PCI; entering new markets)

Engineering Management Presentation: Review how Spinnaker's approach to application development can address existing customer pain points and provide for consolidation of application deployment workflows across teams.

Kickoff Meeting: (we can record this meeting for the Customer’s internal use)
  • Define success metrics
  • Align on the vision of safe, intelligent deployments w/ more velocity
  • Specific metrics to measure + how we measure
  • Identify and start tracking baseline metrics. Things like:
    • Number of issues
    • Deploys per day
    • Number of deploys
  • Identify team + app to do POC with: Day to day POC for implementation
    • Administrative contact
    • Billing contact (may be the same)
    • Engineering team to work with
  • Identify (with the team) the initial app to pilot Spinnaker with
  • Get agreement between DevOps Lead, App Manager, App Principal on these implementation details:
    • Should have high deployment velocity
    • Should be non-mission critical
    • What technology stack
    • Who’s developing on it
    • How it’s deployed today
    • What does the app do?
    • What monitoring, alerting does the app use?
  • Frame out at high level how Spinnaker expands past first app
    • Who are other teams, and decision-makers for those teams, and how do they function (esp. if different from first app)
    • How do we make this first app so successful that our Champion = Hero within the org.
  • Dependencies required for successful POC:
  • Identify how customer will stand up ongoing CD expertise: Will company create an internal CD team?
Implementation Process:
  • Define how we work together (i.e., on-site, daily/weekly standups, etc.)
  • Schedule start of implementation
  • Selecting team
  • Initial meeting between Armory & Team
Contract & Administrative:
  • Steps needed to get POC contract signed
  • Preferred billing process
  • Steps with the POC team
  • Present to the team
Expanding Past POC
  • Analyze & score all the services:
    • Urgency of need
    • How team is deploying today
    • How well POC solves for those needs
  • From POC to Beta: Find next X apps or teams (typically 3-5) and repeat process above.
  • From Beta to General Availability (GA): Define rollout process of Spinnaker across all teams. Define rollout schedule. Repeat process above and track adoption across teams.

Armory Pricing

Armory offers a free 30 day evaluation of Armory Spinnaker. Pricing post-evaluation is based on usage, billed per Customer application deployed to production using Spinnaker. Get pricing details here.