We have a strong Tribal culture that enables us to do great work. Learn more about us:

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The Armory Tribe:
The Extended Tribe:

We work hard, we play hard and we support each other. Our significant others and families are a core part of Armory's Tribal culture. They are the support network that enables us to do amazing things. Here's a birthday dinner the Armory tribe had for Isaac, our CTO recently:


Here are more pics of life at Armory: Take a look at the full gallery.  

  • The Armory Comp Plan: Every Tribe member at Armory is on a base + bonus comp plan. This tightly aligns all of our interests. The better Armory does, the more richly each of us is compensated.
    • You can choose how aggressive you want to be; between 1% to 30% of your On Target Earnings (OTE) can be bonus comp. And higher bonus comp = higher resulting OTE comp. Risk = reward!
    • The bonus comp is paid out in the middle of every month for the previous month’s work.
    • Everyone’s bonus comp is based on the company’s performance against the Company Success Metrics, which are scored monthly.
  • Compensation Transparency: We believe strongly in equal comp between Tribe members at the same skill levels, regardless of gender. We publish the compensation bands for every role internally within the company.
    • You can always be sure that you and your peers are being compensated fairly and equally.
  • Equity: We are focused on building a company with massive long-term value. The Founders are on a 10 year founder vesting schedule, and we ask Tribe members to participate on a six year option vesting schedule. We vest 1/6th of your options after your first year, and then monthly over the next 60 months.
    • It’s also important to us that you understand how your option grant works. We'll share our Cap Table with you when we hire you and walk you through the details.
  • We'll also give you ten years to exercise your options, once vested, even if you leave the company. (Most companies only provide a 90 day window).
    • We want you to be sure you want to become an equity holder in our company, vs. being forced to purchase stock before you know if it’ll be valuable.
Time Off:
  • We offer an unlimited Discretionary Time Off policy. Take as much time off as you need to recharge. We’re focused on your output, not your time inputs.
Expense Reimbursement:
  • Every Tribe member gets a corporate credit card. When you spend the company's money, do it in a way that's best for the company. It's that simple. A one sentence expense policy.
401(k) and 529 Plans:
  • We offer traditional and Roth 401(k) retirement savings plans. Take advantage of them!
  • We also allow you to deduct funds directly from your payroll and put them into 529 college savings plans for your children.
Continuing Education:
  • Want to go back to school at some point to earn another degree? We want to support you. We’ll keep vesting your options while you’re back to school, so long as you return to Armory for a year to apply what you learned while in school. Knowledge is power!
  • We’ll send you to conferences to learn new skills. What would you like to be better at?
  • We’ll cover 100% of any electronics that help you be more efficient: (laptop, monitor, headphones, etc) and 100% of SaaS services that help you be more efficient: (Mixmax, Sanebox, etc) We're always sharing efficiency pro-tips and would love to know yours!
  • We’ll also reimburse your cell phone bill based on how much you use it for work. If you use it all the time, we’ll cover 100%. Or if you prefer to unplug when not at work and you just use it occasionally, tell us what percentage of the bill you’d like covered.
  • We pay for a companion ticket for any Armory travel. Bring your spouse or family and make a weekend of it!
  • We’ll also cover a hotel room for you + your family if you choose to bring them for any Armory travel.
  • Free lunch 5 days per week. We try to keep it healthy! (Personal health hacking is one of DROdio’s passions.)
  • Free dinner on Armory late nights (currently Mondays)
  • Lots of non-sugary, non-carby snacks & drinks
  • Armory will pay the entrance fee for any races where at least two Armory Tribals do it together. Races are great bonding opportunities and support our Manifesto mantra that "The Tribe is not built from 9 to 5."
  • On Friday afternoons we break out the good stuff and do a “Let’s create content and have a few drinks” afternoon session. Creating thought leadership is an important part of our culture.
Making life generally awesome:
  • You work hard. You should be able to have groceries magically appear at your house, and we'd like to help make that happen. So, choose one of these services and we’ll cover the annual membership cost: Instacart membership ($150/yr), Amazon Prime membership ($99/yr) or Google Shopping Express membership ($95/yr)
Want To Join Us? Here's our interview process:

  1. Apply for an open position on our AngelList page.
  2. DROdio, our CEO, will reach out to you. If your skills look like a fit, we'll do a quick phone call to get to know each other.
  3. On that call we'll schedule a high level technical interview (typically over Google Hangouts) with Isaac, our CTO.
  4. If we both want to move forward, we’ll bring you on-site for a deep dive whiteboard technical interview. If you’re not located in the Bay area, we will pay for your flight and hotel.
  5. If it looks like a fit, we'll make an offer that same day!