Armory ensures outcomes. We recommend you contact Armory early in your discovery and evaluation process so we can share our expertise and best-practices with you. We will help you determine which of the following solutions best fits your company's needs:

  1. Open Source Spinnaker: Community support via a Spinnaker Slack team with over 2,250 people. OSS Spinnaker can be a challenge to install, configure and manage, especially in High Availability.
  2. Armory Spinnaker: A version of Spinnaker that "just works" in HA, with enterprise features and "ridiculously responsive" support.
  3. A non-Spinnaker-based solution: We'll help you determine if your organization doesn't need Spinnaker and would be better served using another solution.

Learn more about Armory Spinnaker, including its features, roadmap, how it compares to the open source version, and how Armory runs customer engagements.

Contact us at 1.888.222.3370, chat, or as you begin your discovery or evaluation process.

Armory Spinnaker Enterprise Pricing

If you'd like to try Armory Spinnaker, we will run a 30 day proof-of-concept engagement for a flat $5,000. Once you are confident that Armory Spinnaker is the right solution for your organization, you can upgrade to one of these annual plans:

  • App-Based Pricing: We count customer apps deployed by Armory Spinnaker to at least two cloud accounts (i.e., dev + staging AWS accounts). Armory Spinnaker inherits whatever definition of "app" you use when implementing Spinnaker for your business.
  • We do not charge app overages on prepaid contracts, so you can expand beyond the number of committed apps without penalty during the term.
  • Premium Support: In addition to our "ridiculously responsive" Slack and ticket-based support, Premium Support includes on-demand access to a Solutions Architect that will come on-site up to three days per month, as needed.

If your company has more than 1,000 apps to be deployed by Spinnaker, contact us for a custom quote.

Armory is focused on creating successful outcomes for your company. We recommend you read Armory's Spinnaker Adoption Playbook to understand how we engage with customers, and our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company is currently in.