Nir Tarcic, Site Reliability Engineer at Waze, gave a fantastic talk at Google Next titled "Waze: migrating a multi million user app to Google Cloud Platform." Nir shared how Spinnaker has been key to enabling Waze to do multi-cloud deployments between AWS and GCP using GCP's Interconnect functionality. Nir talked about how Spinnaker helps Waze take a user-first approach to deploy to the cloud that's best for the user, and how it enables:

  • Automatic pipelines: Upgrade the binary and config in both AWS and GCP with one click.
  • Cross-Cloud Canary & Rollback: Each pipeline has canary testing and fast rollback if there's a problem with the canary.
  • Multi-Cloud Redundancy: Nir shared how Waze "barely survived" the 2015 AWS outage, but was "just fine" after the latest S3 outage. "If one goes down [Spinnaker] just launches instances in the next one."

In fact, Nir said that multi-cloud deployments would not have been possible without Spinnaker, and that "Spinnaker saved us 1,000 people."

If you'd like to dig in more, Nir wrote a great blog on Waze using Spinnaker for multi-cloud deployments. I also highly recommend watching Steven Kim's related talk, "Continuous Delivery on GCP: A Deep Dive on how Google Leverages Spinnaker". This is the single best talk I've found to describe the value of Spinnaker, and how it solves huge pain points for companies with massive userbases like Waze.

Here's the Talk Summary: Wondering how to migrate a large-scale service to Google Cloud Platform? Waze's migration architect shares their migration story to GCP from another cloud provider.

Here are some pics from Nir's talk: