Armory's Platform, Now in Kubernetes

Armory helps software teams ship better softare, faster by helping customers identify and remove inefficiencies in their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

The Core of our platform is powered by an enterprise distribution of Spinnaker, the best-in-class, cloud-native software delivery platform created and open-sourced by Netflix and Google. Previously, although Spinnaker could deploy workloads to Kubernetes, Armory's enterprise distribution of Spinnaker could only be installed in a high availability manner in AWS.

Today, we're announcing support for installing Armory's Platform in Kubernetes. This means Armory can now be installed anywhere you're running Kubernetes -- from public clouds, to data centers.

You have two options to install Armory in Kubernetes:

  1. Self-install with remote support from Armory engineers: Our engineers will support your team through Slack, remotely. There is no charge for a remotely supported PoC, and we provide best-efforts support at your own pace. Contact us if you're interested, and mention "remote-support K8s install" in the message.

  2. Armory engineers do an on-site install: The cost for the on-site POC is a flat fee of $5,000. We bring Armory engineers on-site to ensure a successful install. Upon PoC completion, we will create a PoC Deliverable Report highlighting before & after success criteria metric impact. Contact us if you're interested, and mention "on-site K8s install" in the message.


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