Armory Spinnaker Proof of Concept

Showing you it works!

Before you begin: Read our Stages of Software Delivery Evolution Infographic to understand which stage your company currently falls into.

How does Armory work with enterprise customers to deploy Spinnaker?

Armory helps companies evaluate Spinnaker, run a successful Proof of Concept with one application and team, and then expand Spinnaker across all teams within the organization. We do this through a combination of People, Process and Technology:

We offer a free 30 day install of Armory Spinnaker, which installs Spinnaker on-prem in your AWS account.

Armory Spinnaker is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, and includes:

- Installer Provisions open-source Spinnaker instances with the following characteristics:

  • Provision Highly Available (HA) Spinnaker infrastructure, enabling multi-availability zones, cross-region redundancy and failover protection
  • Configuration Management
  • Upgrades to latest Spinnaker versions
    • Integration-tested to work on AWS
    • Upgrade process that safely updates service without loss of data or uptime

- Monitoring: ​Ingests the default Spinnaker health metrics into popular Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions such as Datadog or New Relic

- Logging: ​Seamless integration with popular Centralized Logging solutions such as Splunk or ELK Stack

- Support:

  • M-F 9am-5pm via Slack, Email or Phone with one hour response time.
  • Next business day trouble ticket response time
  • Unlimited bug fixes to the open source Spinnaker project

- Included Deployment Expertise:

  • Assist customer to deploy Spinnaker within its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
    Move one customer application from concept → sandbox → production

This is the architecture of Armory Spinnaker:

Here's how Armory installs Spinnaker in High Availability

The Armory Customer Engagement process typically happens as follows:

And results in the following deliverables:

Here is how Armory runs the Customer Proof Of Concept:

Pre-kickoff meeting with key stakeholder(s)
  • Send out survey to engineering managers/team
  • Go over presentation (and give edit access)
    Customize demo to reflect customer deployment process
  • Evaluate areas of value for Armory Spinnaker
  • Dev tooling (efficiency; speed, happiness & productivity)
  • Cost savings (SLA, not breaking customer trust)
  • Revenue generation (Certifications enabled like FedRamp, ISO, PCI; entering new markets)

Engineering Management Presentation: Review how Spinnaker's approach to application development can address existing customer pain points and provide for consolidation of application deployment workflows across teams.

Kickoff Meeting: (we can record this meeting for the Customer’s internal use)
  • Define success metrics
  • Align on the vision of safe, intelligent deployments w/ more velocity
  • Specific metrics to measure + how we measure
  • Identify and start tracking baseline metrics. Things like:
  • Number of issues
  • Deploys per day
  • Number of deploys
  • Identify team + app to do POC with: Day to day POC for implementation
  • Administrative contact
  • Billing contact (may be the same)
  • Engineering team to work with
  • Identify (with the team) the initial app to pilot Spinnaker with
  • Get agreement between DevOps Lead, App Manager, App Principal on these implementation details:
  • Should have high deployment velocity
  • Should be non-mission critical
  • What technology stack
  • Who’s developing on it
  • How it’s deployed today
  • What does the app do?
  • What monitoring, alerting does the app use?
  • Frame out at high level how Spinnaker expands past first app
  • Who are other teams, and decision-makers for those teams, and how do they function (esp. if different from first app)
  • How do we make this first app so successful that our Champion = Hero within the org.
  • Dependencies required for successful POC:
  • Identify how customer will stand up ongoing CD expertise: Will company create an internal CD team?
Implementation Process:
  • Define how we work together (i.e., on-site, daily/weekly standups, etc.)
  • Schedule start of implementation
  • Selecting team
  • Initial meeting between Armory & Team
Contract & Administrative:
  • Steps needed to get POC contract signed
  • Preferred billing process
  • Steps with the POC team
  • Present to the team
Expanding Past POC
  • Analyze & score all the services:
  • Urgency of need
  • How team is deploying today
  • How well POC solves for those needs
  • From POC to Beta: Find next X apps or teams (typically 3-5) and repeat process above.
  • From Beta to General Availability (GA): Define rollout process of Spinnaker across all teams. Define rollout schedule. Repeat process above and track adoption across teams.

Armory Pricing

Armory offers a free 30 day evaluation of Armory Spinnaker. Pricing post-evaluation is based on usage, billed per Customer application deployed to production using Spinnaker. Get pricing details here.

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