Dinghy's Slacking

Newer releases of Armory Spinnaker include the ability to have Dinghy (our Pipelines as Code feature) send notifications to a Slack channel when a Dinghyfile is processed. The notifications can indicate success or report an error.  This feature adds proactive visibility into the goings-on inside Dinghy, so you can know when your Dinghyfile change has been processed and whether it succeeded or failed.  You no longer have to refresh your pipeline configuration while hoping it works. Stop guessing whether it failed or is just waiting in a queue!

Example of a successful import

How to Get It

This feature is available already in v2.5.6 and later, and the Halyard commands are supported in Armory Halyard version 1.6.3 and later.  If you're behind on your releases, this could be a good time to update!  Check the release notes for the latest stable builds we have.

How to Set It Up

This feature of Dinghy makes use of the Slack notification credentials that you may already have set up in Echo.  If you have already set up Spinnaker to send Slack notifications when pipelines succeed or fail, you just need to enable the feature in Dinghy and set the Slack channel you want notifications to go to):

hal armory dinghy slack enable --channel my-channel

Note that Spinnaker currently only supports a single channel for all notifications.

Deploy your changes, and the next time a Dinghyfile is processed, you should see a Slack message with the results!

Interested in learning more about how Spinnaker and Dinghy can help you ship better software, faster? Please reach out to us here or on Spinnaker Slack - we'd love to talk!