Armory's Tribal Handbook: Our Iterative Approach

Build the right thing, fast... instead of the wrong thing, right.

Armory has a culture of experimentation, which also includes experimenting with our culture. One of the ways we do that is by creating a Tribal Handbook to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Help job candidates understand Armory's culture when they are interviewing at Armory
  • Help the significant others (spouses, family, friends) of our job candidates also understand Armory's culture (and specifically, why we call ourselves a "tribe") when the candidate is interviewing at Armory
  • Help new tribals understand and onboard onto Armory's culture as quickly as possible, once they accept an offer to join our tribe
  • Help future job candidates discover Armory and our culture, so they can decide if they'd like to have a career at Armory by joining our tribe

One big way we accomplish those objectives is with Armory's Tribal Handbook (you can get a PDF version here!). We are constantly improving and iterating on this Handbook based on what we learn from candidates and our tribe. In fact, at the bottom of this blog post we keep a changelog of all the old versions (starting with our original v1.0!).

Here's a quick video showing how we iterate with everything we do (whether it's building a software platform to help the world innovate faster... or a Tribal Handbook) to build the right thing, fast, instead of the wrong thing, right.

Changelog of past versions of our Tribal Handbook:

  • V1.0.3 - 09/30/19: Updated content with input from the tribe, including information on Armory's origins and culture.
  • v1.0.2 - 09/12/19: Same content as v.1.0.1 but new Velo-bound layout (as per the video above) and a kickoff of the "Armory Tribal Handbook" project with Tissa joining as the author.
  • v1.0.1 - 02/05/19: Updated content as per recruiting team's asks
  • v1.00 - 2/13/18: Original version, designed by Ruby for the recruiting team


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